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911 Facts

911 Facts

Iraq War - Why no US report?

Only facts as reported, no conspiracy theories - - Learn about the JOINT INQUIRY INTO INTELLIGENCE COMMUNITY ACTIVITIES BEFORE AND AFTER THE TERRORIST ATTACKS OF SEPTEMBER 11, 2001 - See The Chilicot Report, the official Brithish report on the Iraq war invasion and Britian's lies and deception. Report - CNN - Democracy Now - Guardian - Iraq Inquiry - - New York Times - Wikipedia -

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FACT: 28 pages documenting specific indications of Saudi government links to the 9/11 hijackers were hidden from the American people for 13 years.

"It challenges you to rethink everything.” Congressman Thomas Massie

The 28 Pages now have my full attention, for obvious reasons. Here's the Final Report. It's scared by politics.

Wikipedia on 9/11 Commission Report

Here's a Wikipedia page on the commission's report.

On September 11, 2002, Saudi Arabian pilots flew two American passenger jets into the Twin Towers, one into the Pentagon, and a fourth that crashed, thanks to brave, patriotic US citizens.

Following this terrible attack on the United States, an investigation followed that remained censored, kept from the American people. Now we have 27 pages from some 8,000 pages of a formal investigation into the 911 event. What we learn from these 27 pages tells us that our government hid the relevant facts of that day from us. Read these pages for yourself and make up you own mind.

What stands out to the reader becomes abundantly clear, Saudi Arabian citizens and Saudi Arabian Government opperatives were in contact with the 15 Saudi Arabian citizens involved in the 911 attack on the Twin Towers and Pentagon.

I happens, also, that on 911 all civilian aircraft were prohibited from flying in American airspace following the attack. Only from a few news sources did we learn that Saudi citizens were allowed to fly private jet aircraft from United States airports to Saudi Arabia. Now we have more information about the use of United States' sky by Saudi Arabian citizens on the day Americans were refused access to United States' airspace.

If this sounds like a conspiracy theory, I will revise it. Meanwhile I will make the pertinent links to useful material available. This web site will remain small and serve the purpose of sharing 9/11 facts.


Here's a spanish working page. Nobody sees this page anyway. Besides, all is lost, judging by the Republican Party's attack on our democratic processes, if that's what they are. This is not to say that the democratic party is much better; it's "democratic" in name only I gather.